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Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies Services

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Expert Pool Service Technicians

Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies is locally owned and operated with a staff of experienced technicians who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the swimming pool industry.

Free Professional Water Testing and Pool Chemistry Recommendations

Motor Replacement

Pump Repair or Replacement

Seal and Gasket Repair

Filter Maintenance, Repairs and Replacement

Plumbing Work

Leak Detection

Vinyl Liner Replacements


Salt System Diagnostics, Repair and Replacement

Advice on Maintenance and Care of your Pool to Prevent Costly Future Repairs including...

  • All Filtration Systems (Sand, DE, Cartridge)
  • Pumps and Motors
  • Salt Systems (in-house or on-site diagnostics and repair)
  • Chemistry Balance Education to maximize the life of your Gunite, Plaster, Tile or Vinyl Liner Pool

Please Call Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies if you have any questions or to set up an appointment.

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