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All of the services listed on this page are based on our most common services but we do just about anything you can imagine, from spa drains to unclogging pipes. Please give us a call and let us know what we can help you with.
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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We provided maintenance for in-ground and above-ground pools, both residential and commercial.

  • Apply chemicals necessary to maintain clear and balanced water chemistry; test and adjust the water chemistry to balance chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
  • Verify water circulation systems are functioning properly
  • Maintain all chlorination systems
  • Clean tile, walls, steps and floors.
  • Vacuum and net leaves, empty traps or skimmer baskets, backwash when needed
  • Blow off decks surrounding pool
  • Add and drain water when necessary
  • Advise the customer about problems or concerns; obtain approval for necessary repairs


A pool inspection is our first step with new customers to assess the overall health of their pool. During the inspection, Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies will test chemical levels of the water, check the filtration system, and assess the condition of the plaster or liner to make sure it’s not brittle or wrinkled. Further, we will look for signs of obvious leaks such as low water in the pool or dampness around the system. Non-customers may request a one-time inspection for a reasonable fee.

Green Pool Cleaning

Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies are experts in clearing “green pools”. We can clear your pool one of two ways: by netting out debris and using chemicals to turn the pool or, in some cases, draining, cleaning, refilling, and rebalancing chemicals. Call us for a free estimate and to determine the best scenario for your pool.

Winterizing / De-Winterizing

Our winterizing or pool closing procedure includes treating the pool with the necessary chemicals, shutting down the system and installing the pool cover if you have one. When you wish to re-open your pool, we’ll remove the cover, get the system running properly, and chemically balance the water to ensure its safe and refreshing condition for swimmers.

Leak Detection & Repairs

Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies are experts in leak detection and leak repairs, for plaster, vinyl and fiberglass pools.

  • We use electronic listening devices, as well as, underwater cameras to pinpoint leaks.
  • Pressure testing and sounding equipment is used to “listen” to leaks under concrete, so if pipes need repair or replacement, the process is less disruptive.
  • Most leak repairs can be made underwater, so typically the pool does not need to be drained.

Depending on the leak, Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies can stop it with:

  • Vinyl or plaster patches
  • Putty work
  • Pipe repair/replacement

And remember, Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies charge a competitively priced flat fee and most leaks can be repaired underwater without the cost of draining the pool.

Pool Remodeling

Are you in need of a fresh new look for your pool or pool area?

Maybe new steps, a paint job, or deck resurfacing, call (843) 556-0810 for more information to meet your desires!


In-store and on-site water testing available for both residential and commercial properties.

Delivery options available for the products you need!

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