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About Us

Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies is a local, family-owned company that prides itself on balancing all of your pool care needs. Whether you need pool supplies, repair work, or monthly maintenance service, we are the company for you! We provide full-service pool care to handle all of your maintenance, service and renovation needs.

Our Services

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Get back to enjoying your pool. Keep it beautiful, safe, and functional with our weekly and bi-weekly service.

Pool Repair

Full swimming pool repair services including heaters, lights, pumps, plumbing, filtration, automation, & more.

Pool Inspection & Leak Detection

We use top of the line equipment and non-damaging methods to quickly find even the toughest of leaks.
“We’ve been using Coastal Carolina Pool Supplies ever since we moved to the area, but it only took 2 months before I referred them to a friend. They’re customer service is top notch and they always keep what’s best for you and your pool in mind. My family and I are thrilled to be their customer.”

Justin L

Happy Customer
“Darryl has done an amazing job on the pool and takes his time explaining everything that needs to be done. I don’t trust to many people in my back yard, especially if I’m not home, but Darryl is very trustworthy. When he leaves the pool looks amazing. Definitely getting my money’s worth!”

Lesly J

Happy Customer

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